Why use Millrose Financial?

We give you peace of mind

Choosing a mortgage is likely to be the biggest financial decision of your life, so we don’t really need to explain the benefit of making sure you’re making the right decisions. We are fully transparent and will make sure you not only understand the mortgage product we’ve recommended but we will make sure you understand why we have recommended it.

We save you time

Comparing every mortgage on the market is not an easy task and making an application isn’t any easier. We know what the lender needs to assess your application so we’ll take control the application, saving you time and improving your chances of getting an offer.

We use our knowledge

We understand mortgages but we also understand each lender’s ever changing criteria. As part of our research we will review you’re specific circumstances and only make an application if we are confident the mortgage will be approved.

We use our experience

We know how to present your case to the lender in a way that will give a true and honest view of your circumstances. Mistakes during the application process could be the difference between your application being approved or rejected so why take the risk?

We can access deals that you can’t

Did you know that many lenders release products that are exclusive to brokers? In fact there are a number of lenders that only deal with mortgage brokers. Without using a broker you are simply excluded from those products.

We are not a 9 to 5

We understand that you have commitments at home and at work and we’re happy to be flexible to accommodate you. We are available at weekends and in the evenings to make sure we can provide our service at your convenience.

We will not charge you for our service

We understand that arranging a mortgage is expensive and stressful. We are here to guide you through the process and take away the stress without adding to the cost.